7 Things you must know about degenerative disc disease

How does degenerative disc disease hurt my spine? – Degenerative bone disease 

What can I do about degenerative disc disease?   Degenerative disk disease

Although degenerative disc disease can cause spinal pain and other symptoms for a lifetime, the good news is that surgery is not usually necessary since symptoms are fairly well managed with various conservative treatment options.  The other bit of good news is that even though this problem of spinal degeneration can easily flare up if a person is not careful, the symptoms do not usually escalate as the condition of the spinal discs worsen.

Degenerative disc disease treatment for low back pain

How much pain is experienced and how often flare ups occur depends on how well a person uses these degenerative disc disease treatment suggestions:

  • Frequently do lower back pain exercises
    • Stretching the low back, abdominal, hip and leg muscles
    • Dynamic stabilization exercises on an exercise ball or balancing machine
    • Core strengthening exercises of low back, abdominal, hip and leg muscles
    • Inversion traction on a machine designed to gently stretch low back

    Low back degenerative disc disease and lower back stretches: Basic Four

  • Constantly protect the spine against excess compression and rotation by practicing avoidance of known activities that stress the back, using good posture and proper ergonomics
  • Treat low back pain as it occasionally occurs by correct use of rest balanced with activity, hot/cold, and local stretching of painful spinal areas so that major degenerative disc disease symptoms are kept under control

With constant vigilance and prompt self-care treatment lumbar disc disease can be kept manageable for most people.  As time goes, over a course of perhaps two decades, the spinal pain becomes less of a problem in terms of frequency and intensity of pain because the spinal discs dry out, become stiffer and less able to bulge.  This makes the spine less flexible, but also less painful.

There are many easy and safe measures to take that will reduce the intensity and frequency of bouts of spinal pain related to spinal degenerative osteoarthritis or spondylosis.  Learn about them at spondylosis and degenerative disc disease  treatment.