Greetings to all who live with lower back pain, a creaky neck and killer headaches  pain out there.

I am Dr. Lumbago.  My parents did not name me “Doctor” and the Lumbago name is not real – more about that in a minute.

What is important for you to know about me is that during my 42 years of chiropractic and acupuncture practice I learned a lot of simple but extremely valuable things about avoiding muscle and joint pain I want to share with you  so you can help yourself.   With this information I know you can avoid or reduce  so much of the lower back pain and headaches that now reduce the joy in your days.  I know I can help you to feel better and to learn a few tricks that will help you avoid so much of the lower back pain and headaches that now reduce the joy in your days.  You can live a life with less back and neck pain once you learn how to manage your problem areas and become less dependent on drugs that only masks your symptoms and allows them to worsen.

After I retired from active practice at age 64 it occurred to me that I was quitting at just that time in my life when I knew the most, had a deep level of skill and experience, and was getting the best results with my patients.  I was at the top of my game from a professional level, but I was in constant pain.  I conducted one the largest and busiest practices in the state of Illinois.  After all those years of being bent over while adjusting 350 pound farmers and truck drivers my own bad back and advancing arthritis finally caught up with me.   But, for the last decade I went to the office I knew I was in more pain than many of my patients.    So, with great reluctance I finally stopped doing what was aggravating my bad back.

You can see that I understand about dealing with a bad back because I have lived that life, and continue to do so.  My back is heavily arthritic and nothing is going to change that.  Everyday  I must use all the advice you will find on the Dr. Lumbago website, because I manage and limit the constant low back pain and sciatica just like many of my readers.  You might say that all this advice offered to you has been tried and proven on a daily basis because Dr. Lumbago is just like you.

But, frankly, I missed that good feeling I get when I know I am helping people.  So, I decided that by writing this website I could get that feeling of satisfaction of helping millions of people with back pain from all over the world.  Besides, I an a frustrated writer who was enrolled at the Northwestern University School of Journalism before changing my mind and instead went to the National College of Chiropractic.

Oh, my name is Theodore Herazy.  I was born in 1946 on the southwest side of Chicago, in a strong Polish neighborhood  known as the ” Back O’ the Yards.”   I have known my wife, Patricia, since kindergarten; we have a class picture when we were both five with me sitting in the front row with a bow tie and her in pigtails two rows behind me.  We lived two blocks from each other, and went to the same grammar school and high school.  She is the love of my life, and some day I will understand her!  We have three grown children who are wonderful people, and six live-wire grandchildren who live near by.   When I decided to stop being Dr. Herazy, I found the very best title in the world is “Grandpa.”

I thought that no one would want to read a back pain and headache website written by Grandpa, so the name Dr. Lumbago seemed appropriate.  If you want to ask me a question or get help about something that is bothering you, please contact me at “Ask Dr. Lumbago” and I will do my best for you.