What are some good back exercises if you have osteoporosis?

Hi Dr. Lumbago,

What are some good back exercises?  I am a woman 68 years old, with slight osteoporosis and some lumbar spinal curvature.  Occasionally I get some low back pain, but nothing serious that does not last long, probably like most people.  I am very active for my age with 8 grandkids, and hobbies like gardening, golf and bowling, so I need some low back exercises to stay in shape.

I really appreciate this website because it is so much different than the usual medical sites that always seem to promote drugs and surgery.

Thank you,

JoAnne Austin 


Greetings JoAnne,

There is not much need for me to outline a lot of lower back exercises here, since that has been done in other parts of the Dr. Lumbago website.

Please go to   Best back exercises for a sore back – back strengthening exercises  and you should also look over Lower back exercises and lower back stretches: Basic Four

Keep in mind that in addition to keeping your low back muscles strong, which is an important part of keeping up your active lifestyle, you must also stay flexible in all parts of your body. Both strength and flexibility are critical not only for the health of your low back but also to keep your osteoporosis under control. 

This is certainly an exaggeration in regard to your question, but keep in mind that those huge weightlifters might be very strong but their strength is usually impractical because they tend to be so stiff and unable to move in a normal range of motion.  They cannot easily or naturally do many things that are part of living a full life, like keeping up with young children, golf and bowling, because all their effort has been spent only in the one area of strength development. 

In fact, I would suggest to you that you spend more time working to remain flexible by doing a nice variety of lower back stretches than working on low back strength – although both are important.

Enjoy those grandchildren, they are the precious.   DL     

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